7.0L - 15.0L

  • ROLE
    Back-end Developer

    Chennai, IN

    Mid-Level, Senior

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Should you join, you'll be working with a team of quick, agile and efficient engineers in the high speed social media monitoring space. We plan to solve problems, a lot of them, and solve them fast. We're constantly looking to grow as engineers and innovate, and expect you to embody the same.

Rather than being a bit-part player, full ownership shall be given to you for certain features and enhancements, thus shaping the direction of the product. Scalable and smart engineering is a must. In short, you'll be expected to spot a bull, take it by the horns, tame it, and then go for the next bull, all while making Vincent van Gogh proud.

Product Culture

At Freshdesk, we believe in strong team, solid vision and consistent execution. One dimension which binds these characteristics is to have a strong product culture. A strong product culture means that the team understands the importance of continuous execution and learning.

​We understand the need to break things in order to learn, but we break them faster and mitigate the risks.

We understand the need for continuous innovation.

We know that great products are the result of team collaboration.

We respect and value our designers and engineers.

We understand the power of motivated product team and engineering excellence.



We'd like you to hit the ground running, so the following competencies are what we'll be looking for in you:

* Demonstrable proficiency in `Python`. You don't need to be Kenneth Rietz, but some work which you've scaled would be a good start

* Experience with `Flask`/`Django`/`Tornado`/`Bottle`, along with the ORM solutions for these frameworks

* Solid command on database systems. Preferably `PostgresQL` and/or `MongoDB`

* Familiarity with in-memory databases like `Redis` and/or `Memcached`

* Familiarity with social media workflows. Knowledge of `Facebook` and/or `Twitter` APIs would be huge plus

* Hands-on knowledge of cloud-based infrastructure, like `AWS`

* Experience with BigData technologies would be a bonus

Experience Required : 3-5 Years



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Flexible Work Hours

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