Who we are

At AppBrowzer, we are working on a unique concept aiming to build new age Mobile Applications (we call them App 2.0) and redefining how Apps will be consumed. Let me give you a hint..“Think of IE or Chrome browser for Apps”, that’s us!

The company founders are entrepreneurs and techies from Singapore, Australia and India. One of the founders, Deepak Gurnani is also a director & investor of Zimplistc Inventions, a Singapore based company well known world wide for pioneering in a robotic technology product called Rotimatic.

We do not care if you wear shorts with tees or a suit with a tie to the office. All we care about is changing how Apps will be built & consumed in the future!

Our Office

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Our Team

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Tarun Arora

Software Developer

Tarun is Ember.JS expert who likes to work in comfort wearing his pyjamas. When not doing geeky business, he is engrossed on his phone and lappy playing Dota.

Venkatesh Rao

Founder and tech head

Venkatesh is an accomplished network engineer with tech DNA. His expertise include Android, Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, Node.js and Java.

When he’s not fixing bugs and streamlining IT processes, Venkatesh likes to spend time networking and reading geeky stuff to stay up-to-date with latest technologies and trends.

Sunny Gurnani

Founder and business head

Braced with an MBA degree from Sydney, Australia, Sunny is the ‘business guy’ who moved to India to take up 24x7 role after a decade of working 9x5 in a Sydney-based software enterprise.

When he’s not talking business, Sunny enjoys roaming around the world, spiking his adrenaline with adventure sports, networking with all and sundry and devouring vegan food!

Anusha Madineni

Android Developer

Anusha is a shopaholic so you spot her in shopping malls most evenings after work. She loves to travel and finds an excuse to get away from hustle and bustle of Bangalore almost every weekend.

Deepak Gurnani

Co-Founder, Investor and Mentor

Mr. Deepak Gurnani has come a long way from his humble beginnings and is now a prominent Singapore-based entrepreneur, best-known as director and investor of Zimplistc Inventions, a Singapore based company well known world wide for pioneering in a robotic technology product called Rotimatic.

He is active angle investor and mentor for several startups in Singapore, Valley and India.

Pulkit Agarwal

Ruby on Rails Engineer

Tech Ninja at work and a great cook at home! He is busy reading blogs when he is not doing his 2 fav C's - coding and cooking.

Mahaveer Jain


Mahaveer comes with strong business background and years of experience juggling multiple businesses.

Pooja Deshpande

Android Developer

Pooja wears a rainbow hat with her expertise not limited to coding and talking to computers. She is hardware professional, avid shopper, animal lover and an aspiring vegan.

Nikhil Patil

Android Developer

Nikhil trekks when he is not engrossed in his code. He is a nomad traveller, language guru and also a great cook. Check out you single ladies!


Interesting tidbits about us

We host team building sessions fortnightly. In a brewery :)

If you want to be a part of building a game changing product, we swear you won't be disappointed.

Did you know you can bring along pets and partners to our office?

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