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AdPushup is an automated advanced A/B testing (a proprietary multi-arm bandit algorithm) tool that optimizes display ads layout for increased click through rate. By seamlessly integrating with existing ad networks, our platform enables web publishers and bloggers to create and test various ad placements, sizes and types to see which one is making the most revenue.
Our machine learning algorithm helps publishers, who are monetizing their website on a CPC/PPC (Cost-per-Click/Pay-per-Click) model, fight banner blindness by continuous optimization.

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Dhiraj has been involved with AdPushup since inception, right from its conceptualization to actualization. He has worked with both the founders in their previous ventures, totalling 4 years with them. His number one reason for sticking around for so long? In his words - "The work environment has always been warm and friendly yet challenging and energetic. There is no where else I want to be."



Aditi handles the accounts and operations. She has recently finished her masters in business administration and is informally tasked with keeping the AdPushup office culture robust and lively (which she is definitely excelling at).



Sujan is an inbound marketer at AdPushup. His online profiles read "I eat, write and laugh" which pretty much sums him up very well. He respects the fact that despite his lack of experience, he is still trusted with critical marketing responsibilities and the independence to reach his goals as he deems fit.

Our Product Features

Sneak Peak of the Product

Optimized Ads

Patent pending machine learning engine to optimize ads.

Unique Visual Editor

Easily create and test multiple ad layouts and positions using unique visual editor.

Lightning fast requests

Homegrown content delivery and data acquisition network to serve lightning fast requests.


What people are saying about us

Baghdad invest logo1

Baghdad Invest

AdPushup Client

AdPushup as a tool effortlessly plugs-in to our WordPress blog. The A.B testing is vital and was far too easy to ignore before. Never again as the results speak for themself. AdPushup, thank you.


Oliver Jones

AdPushup Client

A/B Testing ad units is an amazing idea, which most publishers completely miss out. AdPushup does this very well and I was able to see 86% rise in my AdSense revenues. The team were very helpful and quick to reply to any questions that arose.



AdPushup Client

What Google offers does not even compare to AdPushup right now.

Our Investors

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Angel Investors

Check out our Angel Investors at http://adpushup50.com


Interesting tidbits about us

We have an open-office culture.

We have a foosball table, a table-tennis table, multiple board games, boatload of munchies and an Olympic sized swimming pool. LOL/JK (we don't really have a swimming pool).

Both the founders of AdPushup are college dropouts who went on to raise $632,000 in angel investment.

We send special "welcome" photos to newly selected employees. This photo contains all the current team members literally welcoming the newcomer.

Almost all of us are or were gamers at a point in our life. We also have our fair share of Counter Strike legends in the office.

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