Refer your friends and make a percentage of their salary if they get hired too!


Testimonial poorvak
Detailed company profiles showcasing their work culture and their background stories is what all job seekers are looking for. Finding work at great startups has never been so easy and efficient!

- Poorvak Kapoor (Placed at via Jobspire)

How it works

Hand-picked offers from the top 5% of employers.


Get started in 60 seconds

Complete our 60 second sign up, and select your preferred job role. Improve your profile visibility by completing a quick, 5 minute Challenge specific to your job role.

During the beta period, we'll also send you a detailed report on where you stand and what recruiters are looking for that you could add.


Sit back and relax

Your profile will be verified by an in-house hiring expert, and if it's upto the industry standards, we'll assign you a premium tag that puts you into a top priority database.

You'll also receive an email alert everytime a recruiter opens your profile.

Feature 3

Let the offers roll in

Recruiters will begin to contact you. And before starting talks, you can get to know them better by looking at their profiles - where they showcase their office, the team that works there and interesting facts about them.

We will soon introduce a feature where you can set your mode to 'passive' and your phone number will disappear from your CV.


Earn your bonus

If a recruiter hires you after seeing your profile on Jobspire, sign back in and claim your reward. We will pay you a flat Rs 10,000 as a bonus for getting hired through us!


Refer your friends and earn a bounty if they get hired too!

With a premium tag, you can refer up to 5 friends to sign up on Jobspire (our recommendation is to refer the ones you think have the highest likelihood of landing an offer). If they get hired, you get paid Rs 5,000 for each friend.

That's right - you could earn multiple lakhs just referring top talent.